Hello. We are Minimal Ink, a tattoo studio in Porto! We’re an artist collective focused on the creation of original and unique tattoos based in Porto.

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We’re a team with a huge passion for drawing and illustration, which leads us to create unique designs for our clients. We have the privilege of working with fantastic people that trust us to add art to their bodies, thus making the world a prettier place.


Porto is the city we have chosen to settle in given its bubbling creative, artistic and bohemian vibes, which inspire us to freely develop our designs. You can find us in one of the most interesting areas of the city, just near by Porto City Hall and right in front of Bingo of Trindade.

We work as a private studio, and each artist tattoos only one to two clients per day, making sure that there’s always a good, tranquil environment every single day. Like that, we can guarantee that each client makes the most of their experience, which is to make the world a better and more colorful place!


The story of Minimal Ink Studio & Collective began in Lisbon. This is where Susboom began tattooing and invited Vesna to be a part of an Artist Collective. We no longer have a studio there, though we visit several times a year to tattoo our clients and make the most of what Lisbon has to offer.

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If you have an idea or concept but you don’t have an actual design that translates it, don’t worry! Send us your idea with plenty of detail and our artists/tattooists will make it happen for you.

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