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The Minimal Ink Tattoo Studio is an artistic place: a private tattoo and illustration atelier right in the heart of Porto, whose team regularly travels to Lisbon. We work with guest artists from different styles, all of them with a very particular vision of the art of tattoo.

We are selective when it comes to our guests, handpicking those with a strong, distinct talent that many times don’t even come from the traditional tattoo background. They are visual artists, graphic artists, illustrators and painters. The Minimal Ink Tattoo Studio wants to showcase a new and innovative perspective on the art of tattoo.

If you wish to have something different and original then you’re in the right place!

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01. Investigation

Our artists dedicate part of their time to researching the latest techniques and equipment so that each tattoo is better than the last one, always with high aesthetic standards, great quality and durability.

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02. Creation

We don’t tattoo just for the sake of it; we develop each project with the client so as to create unique and exclusive tattoos. We value originality and exclusivity above anything because we are all different, and each and every one of us is special in our own way, just like every tattoo should be.

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03. Finalization

This is where you see and feel the passion that our artists have for the art of tattooing, when, at last, they get to transform a concept that is often-times vague into a work of art immortalized on the client’s skin — who thanks us with the smile of someone who has just completed another step of their life journey.

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